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Our Executive Team.

The Westport Republican Town Committee is comprised of the following executive members. 


Patrizia Zucaro



Perry Winter



Judy Domkowski


IMG_1462Adlc5 (1).jpg

Alma Sarelli


Screen Shot 2024-03-31 at 1.46.35 PM.png

Joseph Sledge


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Westport RTC

Join Us.

We typically meet in Room 201/201A at the Westport Town Hall every third Tuesday of each month at 8pm. The Westport Republican Town Committee consists of 40 members who are elected at caucuses by registered Republicans in the nine Representative Town Committee districts in January of even numbered years to serve two year terms. In March of even numbered years the new Republican Town Committee elects a chairman, a vice chairman, a treasurer and a secretary. The Town Committee meets at 8 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month, usually at the Westport Town Hall. 


The main responsibility of the Republican Town Committee is to select the best candidates to run for public office and then to provide assistance to the candidates in electing them to office. In even numbered years the Town Committee is primarily involved with obtaining votes for Republican candidates seeking national offices, statewide offices and legislative positions.  In odd numbered years the focus is electing Republican candidates for town wide positions such as Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Candidates for local and statewide positions are typically selected either by the Town Committee or at Conventions in May. The Town Committee raises funds to assist the candidates with advertisements and other expenses as well as to run their own advertisements in support of the candidates. Typically the Town Committee has a headquarters from which members make calls to the electorate asking voters to come out to vote on election day.  Publicity is provided to the local media to support the Republican candidates.

American Flag on Pole

Our Committee Members

(Revised 3/26/2024) (all e-mail addresses are hot-linked to your email software)

District 08

District 09

District 01

District 03

District 02

Lisa Hartmann*
Tim Romano
Perry Winter

Patrizia Zucaro

Michael Calise*

Al Gratrix

Joseph Sledge

Darcy Sledge

Michael DelliCarpini*

James Izzo

Jack Whittle

District 05

District 04

District 06

Thomas C. Bloch

Judith Domkowski*

Charles Haberstroh

Spencer Yim

Andrew Colabella

Melanie Heiser

Rob Hordon*

Timothy Wetmore

Ed Iannone

Alma Sarelli*

Nick Sarelli

District 07

Andy Frankel

Thomas Lasersohn*

Tammy Pincavage

Michael Valante

Steve Violette

Brandi Briggs

Pete Wolgast*

John Zucaro

Robert Bass

John Bolton*

Avi Kaner

Steve Obsitnik

Cathy Walsh

* District Leader

Ex-Officio Members

Jen Tooker, First Selectman

Andrea Moore, Second Selectman

Liz Heyer, Board of Finance

Rich Hightower, Board of Finance

Michael Keller, Vice-Chair, Board of Finance

Michael Calise, Planning & Zoning Commission  

John Bolton, Planning & Zoning Commission

Patrizia Zucaro, Planning & Zoning Commission

Robert Harrington, Board of Education

Dorie Hordon, Vice-Chair Board of Education

RB Benson, Zoning Board of Appeals Alt.

Michelle Hopson, Zoning Board of Appeals

Liz Wong, Vice-Chair, Zoning Board of Appeals

Joseph Sledge, Board of Assessment Appeals

Tom Bloch, Board of Assessment Appeals Alt.

Maria Louise Signore, Registrar of Voters

Image by Aaron Burden

State Senate

26th District

State Senate

36th District

Hon.  Ryan Fazio 

State Representative

125th District

Hon. Tom O'Dea,

State Representative

136th District

State Representative

143rd District

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